It is very common to deal with clients, who would like to order one of the printing and publishing services, but do not really know and do not understand, which technology exactly to choose and what result they will get from it.


In this section we would like to explain in simple terms, what does each technology stand for and what results can you get from using them. We will give you a small insight of technologies, which „Digital Mouse” supplies with.


We are employing professional project managers, who can provide you with even deeper consultation from any of these questions. When planning budget of companies advertising, it is worth thinking more about offered advertising possibilities, as they especially affect quality of printing works, price and guarantee of quality.

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What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is any printing technology (for example, HP LaserJet, Xerox Docu Colour printers), which is capable to produce the printed works directly from computer file. In difference from offset print, it does not need mediator, as for example for movies or records.


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When large format digital print is used?

If the format of print exceeds A0.

What should one know when ordering the large format print?

It’s is very important in the beginning to determine, where the printed work is going to be displayed, what the surroundings would be like. If the print out will be located outside or inside? In the terms of Polygraphy, that is called indoor and outdoor advertisements.






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What is plotter and how does it work?

Cutting plotter as usual does not have printing head, but a very sharp knife, which moves on the surface of the paper page and carries out small and big detail cut-outs: letters, stencils etc.

What is the preparation cycle of ready plotter sticker?

Preparation of layout for plottering in vectors + selection of gluing film + plottering + “gutting” (cleanup of details from excess film) + sticking of portable film, in order to mount the plottered sticker on the required surface.





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What is advertising on gift products?

It is advertising souvenir, business gift, which is presented to business partners, employees or clients as a sign of remembrance or appreciation. They usually are souvenir with logotype or company, web site address or slogan.






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How does the offset print work?

Offset printing (lithography) is a type of print technology, where special colour has been applied to metal plate with picture treated with mordant. Every full colour picture needs 4 of this kind of plates – yellow, red, blue and black, which is called as SMYK in polygraphy. Every colour plate is laid in their own offset equipment section, where the plate transfers the picture on to mediator surface – offset rubber, which in its place absorbs colour and transfers to paper.








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What is silk screen printing?

Silk screen printing consists of three elements: screen, what is the transistor of picture, rubber ladles and colour. Screen consists from spongy net, which has been tightly covered over wooden or metal frame. Stencil is placed on separator, which has been created upon needs of client, let it be picture, text or logo.






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What is after-treatment and where is it used?

When a sheet have been printed, after printing it needs processing depending from specifics of the task. Its activities types are various – to cut, to fold, to glue, to number, to clip, to cut out, to corrugate, to perforate, to spiral, to make heated type pressing, to make relief type pressing, to laminate etc.

What is corrugation?

Corrugation imprint are straight, deep stamped lines spreading into paper sheet, which thickness is more then 170 g/ m². Corrugation relieves and does not damage the folding for the following processes. Corrugation is widely used when producing greeting cards, folders, table cards and booklets.



Preparation of the print files

Preparation of files for the offset printing and digital sheet printing

  • File format – files should be in PDF (Adobe Acrobat – High Quality Print) format. Such format can be exported both from Adobe CS programs and Corel Draw.


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A color model, process colors, that consists of four colors. C-cyan, M-magenta, Y-yellow, K-black or key color. CMYK is used for a full-color printing and is usually denoted as 4+0 (single sided printing) or 4+4 (double sided printing). CMYK color model is used to print colored documents in the offset printing technique and all types of digital printing.


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A color model for generation of pictures on the display of different types of screens. Consists of R-red, G-green, B-blue that create a full spectrum in the virtual world. It is not possible to print in the RGB color scale; therefore, when preparing a file for printing, it is mandatory to change RGB color model to CMYK. When changing RGB to CMYK, the colors change, they need to be additionally processed. In the computer graphics, before starting to work, it is important to determine which working environment will be used – printing or web. It will determine the correct color model – CMYK or RGB and there will be no need for color correction.


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Spot color

Pantone Spot color – specific color – is not obtained during printing process by mixing CMYK colors, but while choosing a ready color tone, say, from the Pantone catalogue. Is used in cases when the design requires only one or two specific colors or in cases when a precise color tone has to be obtained that can not be obtained by mixing only CMYK colors. Such colors are, for example, gold, silver, and khaki. If the pantones are used together with CMYK, then four-colored print will become five or six color print, etc. (5+0, 6+0). Spot colors are used only in silk screening or offset printing; it is not possible in digital print.


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Vector graphics

Vector graphics is a use of the basic geometrical elements – dots, line segments and polygons – in the computer graphics to depict drawings. The most popular vector programs are Corel Draw (cdr files) and Adobe Illustrator (ai files). Images of the vector graphic are usually drawn using the tools of vector graphics. Lines can be read precisely, and pictures can be enlarged limitlessly, loosing no quality. Vector graphics are also used when writing texts that are changed to curves, and they become objects of the vector graphics.


Raster graphics

Raster graphics is a picture display mode when lines in the screen of a display consist of a separate dots or pixels, where specific color and lightness can be determined for each of them. Seen through the magnifying lens, lines of the raster graphics are not as a curves and not in one color, instead they are serrated, consist of many mini-squares and color scales. The most popular raster graphics programs are Adobe Photoshop (psd files) and MS Paint (bmp files). Raster graphics files are usually created from photos and finished drawings that are later processed by different means. Usually it is not recommended to enlarge pictures, because then the quality will be lost.


Bleeds and crop marks

Bleeds are the parts of the graphic object that are outside the cutting line. Therefore while preparing the work; it is important to create 3-5 mm design bleed over the cutting margin. But crop marks in the graphic arts are used to mark the cutting margins of the printing product. These are small cross marks in the corners of page. Crop marks are also used to mark folding and perforation lines.



The smallest element of the picture, in the raster graphics it can be assigned such characteristics as, say, color and brightness.