What is a corporate gift?

It is promotional advertising, advertising souvenirs, business gifts given to collaboration partners, employees, or customers as a memorial or a sign of gratitude. They are most commonly gifts with your company's logo, web page address, or slogan.

In order to accurately calculate the price, it is necessary to indicate:

1. Souvenir Type (
2. Quantity (run)
3. Print area
4. Number of colours in each print area



The most popular corporate gifts:

Printed Pens


All samples can be viewed here:


pildspalvas apdruka     pildspalvas apdruka

Prices (printed pens):


Quantity Plastic pen with tampo printing 1+0, price EUR/pc Plastic pen + full color (4+0) printing, price EUR/pc Metal pen with engraving, price EUR/pc
100 0,79 0,99 1,73
200 0,59 0,79 1,34
500 0,48 0,67 1,00
1000 0,38 0,59 0,84




Printed Mugs


All samples can be viewed here:


krūzītes apdruka     kruzītes ar apdruku



Prices (printed mug, laser termoprint):


Quantity White printed mug, price EUR/pc
1 15,00
10 6,00
20 5,50
30 5,00
40 4,50
50 4,00

All prices are given in EUR without VAT.



Printed cotton bags


All samples can be viewed here:


maisiņu apdruka          maisiņi ar apdruku



Prices (cotton bag with printing, silk screen printing 1+0): 


Quantity Printed natural white bags, price EUR/pc. Printed coloured bags, price EUR/pc.
50 2,85 2,95
100 2,31 2,41
500 1,44 1,54
1000 1,23 1,40





All our e-catalogs can be viewed here:


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 prezentreklama    korporatīvās dāvanas    reklāmas suvenīri


Production time 1-2 weeks. Depends on:

1. Availability in stock
2. Quantity (run)
3. Printing complexity
4. Open orders in the production unit



Brief insight into gift processing technology:


  • Laser engraving - using a laser beam for engraving, it is possible to engrave a wide range of material types and forms - wood, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, stone (key rings, watches, calculators, thermos flasks and thermocups, CD players, USB flashes). Engravings are eternal.
  • Embroidery - used on textile products (T-shirts, hats, towels). Embroidery price depends primarily on the size of the embroidered area and the needle stitch count. Embroideries are eternal.
  • Decal print - used in glass, ceramic, and porcelain dish printing (glasses, cups, vases, plates). Prints are eternal.
  • Tampo printing - printing on small items (pens, pendants, lighters).
  • Textile printing – used for different fabric printing (polo shirts, women's tops, windbreakers, sweaters, canvas bags, handbags, umbrellas, etc.). It has a number of types:
    • Thermal printing - the desired pattern is cut from thermal film with a plotter and printed on the textile with a heated press. Used for short runs.
    • Silk screen printing - the colour is applied to the material using a special stencil or separator. In time, the colours may fade, but it is the best way for textile printing with a print run of at least 5 units. More about silk screen printing
    • Thermal Transfer print - image is printed on the transfer paper using silk screen printing and then is seared with a special heat-press. In this way, it is possible to get a very fine pattern, and it is suitable for tiny detail and element imprint, as well as for works in large runs. Durability is the same as for silk screen printing.



All prices are given in EUR without VAT.

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