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  • We offer high quality different brand women, men and children’s t-shirt, Polo shirts, sport uniforms and printing with different technologies. 
  • Due date for shirt printing is 1-2 weeks.
  • T-shirts in large amounts for corporate events – sports events, competitions. 



T-shirts for men:


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T-shirts for women:


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T-shirts for corporate style – job uniforms:


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Types of T-shirt printing


The most often used technologies for T-shirt printing are thermal transfer printing, silk screening, sublimation digital printing and embroidery. We ensure bright colours and long-term durability, as well as design with fine details and colour changes.


1. Thermal transfer printing on t-shirts, its usage

  • If the picture consists of one or several colours, than the picture is cut out with a plotter from the thermal films of corresponding colours and by heat press it is put upon the textile. The image is prepared only by vector graphic. The colours from basic tone catalog are bright and their durability is life-long.
  • If the image is full-coloured, than corresponding image is printed on thermo paper, printed out by its outline and put upon the textile by heat press.
  • It is advisable to wash clothes with thermal print in 40 degrees, and iron by turning them inside out.
  • It is possible to print all kinds of advertising clothes in thermal print: T shirts, polo shirts, sport costumes, blazers, bags, hats, scarves, flags, etc.


Thermal t shirt printing - Digital Mouse Ltd Latvia


Prices of T-shirt thermal printing


Amount 1 color 2 colors Full color imprint
1-5 pcs. 4,98 EUR/pcs. 6,40 EUR/pcs. 7,11 EUR/pcs.
6 pcs. and more
3,56 EUR/pcs. 4,98 EUR/pcs. 5,69 EUR/pcs.

* All prices are given in EUR without VAT.

* All orders are priced individually. For prices you are interested in please contact our project managers.



2. Silk screen printing on T-shirt, its advantages

  • Printing in this technology stands out with its bright colours and long-term durability. If the colour is applied generously it is possible to obtain relief.
  • The cheapest way of texture printing, starting by 15 brushes.
  • Logos or graphical design can be printed according to the pantones in company’s style.
  • Wide choice of printable material – cotton, lycra, viscose, silk, nylon, leather, linen, suede, wool, etc.



t shirt silk screen printing - Digital Mouse Ltd Latvia         Silk screen printing - Digital Mouse Ltd Latvia    Polo shirt printing - Digital Mouse Ltd Latvia




3. Sublimation printing on textile, its advantages 

  • Printing over the entire article of clothing.
  • Printing on fabric in rolls (or ready-to-wear articles) with fine detail and colour transitions and a smooth finish without raised bumps.
  • The brightest possible print on polyester and other synthetic materials used most widely for athletic apperel.
  • Very durable and appropriate for intensive use.
  • Most convevient print technology when required to cover the entire article of clothing.


Sublimācijas apdruka




Kreklu apdruka un šūšana  Kreklu apdruka sublimācijā  t-kreklu šūšana un druka

Our printed shirts and leggings on Riga Fashion Week 2016 "Creme" fashion show.




4. Embroidery on T-shirt, its advantages

Embroidery – technological process that allows with threads to create an image of the selected product.


Izšūšana t-kreklu


We advise you to contact our project manager to consult about the most appropriate and beneficial type of T-shirt, polo shirt, and other textile products, so if you have any uncertainty or questions, please let us know.

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